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Pastor James Kambugu and some of the children at the orphanage

At BohoJo's we believe in giving back to the world out of what we have been blessed with. We believe in speaking up for those who's voices are silenced and lost in the shear multitude of their peers and helping those who face oppression and poverty due to lack of opportunity. 

We have decided right from the onset to contribute a portion of our profits to a cause that we believe in. The 'Kingdom Lighters Children's Centre' is an orphanage in Uganda that feeds, houses and educates children who have been left without parents due to sickness or persecution. 

Moved by the desperate need and feeling of hopelessness in the area, Ps. James Kambugu established the orphanage in 2009, with 25 children which is now home to more than 70 kids. Ps. Kambugu and his wife Praise Kambugu run the orphanage alongside their ministry 'Kingdom Lighters Ministries' which seeks to not only protect these children but provide the education that many of us in the western world take for granted. 

Having been moved off the land they were leasing recently, they were forced to purchase their own land, through generous donations made by long term supporters of the ministry, including our founder Joanne Stewart. Whilst they have been fortunate enough to secure land, they are still in desperate need of funds to finish the buildings that are required to house the orphans and provide education. 

We endeavour to donate 5% of our profits to this cause. So in simply making a purchase from our site, you are directly contributing to the future of these little children and making an impact on the world around you. We thank you for your support and your business which makes our support of this cause and others like it in the future.

if you'd like more information about this cause, simply go to or click here to donate. Even a small amount can make a huge impact!

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